Fort Worth Wedding at The Belltower Chapel & Gardens : April & Grant

The first time I met April was way back during a college course that focused on Digital Processes for Photography. One of our first assignments was to scan any negative film and get digital files of them to work on for future projects. I sat next to this girl who happened to be a tad huffy about the idea. Muttering to herself, she kept mentioning that the colors from the scan were way off. She was upset that the colors weren't true to the actual negative itself. And I thought to myself" What a purist." (In the sense of loving film only) That was April. lol!

April and I, circa 2012

April and I, circa 2012

I can't recall what happened afterwards but the class was small so it wasn't hard getting to know her. We bonded a lot as a lot of our classes coincided and we have just maintained a long friendship over the years. She's been my second shooter for several weddings in the past. It's been a blessing to have her in my life. She went on to become an art teacher and then left to pursue to working with F.O.C.U.S. reaching students at the University of Texas at Arlington. Check out her blog to read more about her stories here. April is incredibly kind and has such a heart for others. When she asked me to be her photographer I was so touched. It always means a lot when another photographer choose me. <3 

Grant and April are one adorable couple. I didn't have a chance to meet Grant until a few weeks before the wedding. A quiet and soft spoken guy, Grant was so patient and nice when we met. I love that he's artistic like April. Using 3-D Printers, Grant creates a lot of cool things - even a few pieces he made were used as centerpieces for the wedding. What I love about this couple is that they are very God-centered in their lives. Even their wedding was that way. On a very chilly morning, their special day started early at the Belltower Chapel and Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas. 


April is so crafty. She made all the bouquets for her and her bridesmaids. She even made the pieces for the groomsmen as well! Don't be fooled by these smiling faces - every single person in the wedding party braced the strong chilly air. It was so cold that my fingers were so numb! But that's what I love about April. She's willing to go the distance for a photo. She understands being a photographer herself. Actually throughout the day, April turned into photographer mode. (She can't help it right - she photographs weddings too!) She would tell her friends and family what to do and where to stand. She made my job easier haha! Both Grant and April met in the church community and it's amazing because the two really love God. So much so that they focused the ceremony to be more about praise and worshipping Him by singing hymns and partaking in communion. My favorite part about the ceremony is that instead of the bride walking down the aisle alone - Grant met her halfway and they walked together. It's a simple act that really showcases how two become one in marriage. It's actually really powerful - those little details matter. 


April and Grant met through mutual friends in their church circle. In fact, you can see two of them in their engagement session here! Their first date was at a sub sandwich place so they incorporeal that in their reception luncheon. The afternoon was spent eating cake, sub sandwiches, and spending time with family and friends. 

After the reception ended, a tradition at the Belltower is to ring the church bell. Couples get to announce their marriage with a giant ringing bell. How cool is that! It seemed like a struggle though just because it's a very heavy and large rope you pull down on. And by April's expression, it looks like you had to use a lot of arm strength lol! And with the sound of a deep clanging in the background, Mrs. April and Mr. Grant Beall walked towards their car through a sea of bubbles. Their exit was a short but sweet one created by their closest loved ones cheering them on. Congrats to these two newlyweds! It was such an honor and pleasure to be a part of your special day!