Belinda Song, @belsongbakes

She doesn't know this but I'm up late at night not sleeping because I am in love with these photos that I shot of BELINDA SONG the other day. We met through a mutual friend and really got to know each other over one single meeting at Starbucks. Belinda, a dentist by day, also blogs and creates beautiful artistic plates using food and poetry in well thought out works. (See her Planet series - it's my fave) It was on one bright Wednesday afternoon, Belinda asked me to come out and take photos of her and it was so much fun. Belinda has such a delicateness that is really hidden within her strong, posed, and mysterious outer shell. We explored all ends of the emotional spectrum playing up poses that were happy and full of real (and posed) laughter, moody, bored, resting B*tch face, etc. And Belinda willingly showed me all those faces. I loved being able to unfold that with her as she was someone I just recently met. It really was like reading a book, diving deeper with each page, and discovering the character herself. There were SO many great shots but overall these are my top picks. Everything from the pose, to the lighting, to the post edits just rolled out perfectly. 

Look at that smile! This is one of my absolute favorites out of the bunch. It's so great to work with another creative who really has a vision for what they want to do. It's inspiring and it's fuel for me to continue down this path of my own and really carve out the work that makes me feel fulfilled and happy. I do product photography 24/7 and to have this gal break up my weekly routine for portraits was just the TLC I needed to ignite my creative flames. Working with people and shooting headshots is truly a challenge and always an exciting one because you never know how the session turned out. This particular one though really was the best. Thank you Belinda for helping to rekindle the flames of my passion for photography!