The Best Coffee Shops in North Dallas

After I posted about the best coffee shops for photos, a ton of people told me about other coffee shops in general. A good amount of them I already knew existed. Being a freelancer, I definitely get the luxury to take my work desk to a different spot. It's nice to work in different spaces and feed off from the energy of other hardworking people there. I live north of Dallas proper - about 30 minutes away if you take the Dallas North Tollway. It's hard to make that drive directly into the city with the huge amount of construction on the roads not to mention - the cost of tolls isn't really worth a cup of coffee and 2 hours of free WIFI. 

I decided this post is for all my local North Dallas pals searching for a good coffee shop that's NOT in Dallas directly. In surrounding cities, there are a few good gems worth checking out. I personally have been to all of them but if you know another one - let me know!

1. Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse / Plano, Texas

2. Pearl Cup Coffee / Richardson, Texas

3. re:defined Coffee / Grapevine, Texas