The Best Coffee Shops in North Dallas

After I posted about the best coffee shops for photos, a ton of people told me about other coffee shops in general. A good amount of them I already knew existed. Being a freelancer, I definitely get the luxury to take my work desk to a different spot. It's nice to work in different spaces and feed off from the energy of other hardworking people there. I live north of Dallas proper - about 30 minutes away if you take the Dallas North Tollway. It's hard to make that drive directly into the city with the huge amount of construction on the roads not to mention - the cost of tolls isn't really worth a cup of coffee and 2 hours of free WIFI. 

I decided this post is for all my local North Dallas pals searching for a good coffee shop that's NOT in Dallas directly. In surrounding cities, there are a few good gems worth checking out. I personally have been to all of them but if you know another one - let me know!

1. Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse / Plano, Texas

2. Pearl Cup Coffee / Richardson, Texas

3. re:defined Coffee / Grapevine, Texas


Edison Coffee Co. / Highland Village, Texas

There are very rare coffee shops that exude the current trend of the coffee culture that resonates in Dallas proper. Edison would fit right in if it were placed in city pockets like Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts, or Uptown. Thank goodness they're close to our Denton/Lewisville friends who need that same vibe. Lots of college students and young adults gather here regularly and there's good space not to mention lots of electrical outlets for plugging in phones and laptops.


Global Peace Factory / Frisco, Texas

It's got a great little vibe with Buda Juice available to purchase as well. I see a lot of professionals come here for coffee. Now that Granite Park is very close to the shop, the traffic will build up. It's great for poetry readings and chats with friends. But working here won't be there great just because of the limited WIFI and there's always an issue everytime I try to use the internet. I'd recommend going to the Starbucks that's nearby. 

7. Filtered Coffee House

Filtered / McKinney, Texas

Located in Downtown McKinney, Filtered caters to the urban craft coffee community that the North so desperately is seeking. You can also check out Snug on the Square - another cafe around the corner - but it's not that Dallas vibe that most young trendy hipsters are looking for. You walk in to Indie music and tons of art scattered around the walls. The place also serves as a space to perform music. You'll find ample room to work in private and a logo that looks close to Facebook's in the back. Not that it's a bad thing - but a symbol of the close ties that social media has with the coffee culture. 



Coffee culture is huge in the country of Korea. So it's no surprise that there would be trendy cafes in the little big Korean community that has developed in Carrollton. This is a huge space with plenty of private seating area for people who want to study or work. It's mostly a big hangout for Korean elderly people. Even though young adults flock here, the regular customers are more middle aged or retired. The vibe is a lot slower and quieter. I've come here often just to get away from lots of noise and their waffle dessert is so delicious! This photo was taken in the early early January spring season. But if you return during the late Spring and Summer, these brick walls are covered by vibrant green ivy which gives the storefront a beautiful vibe and a great backdrop for selfies.


mozart cafe & Bakery / CARROLLTON, TEXAS 

The reason why this place is super popular is because so many different desserts along with beverages are offered. It's been a regular hangout spot for most young teenagers who like to study together. Often you'll find Korean language meet ups hosted here too. They recently revamped their space in the Carrollton location to make more room for seating and it's given them opportunity to add so much more natural light. This shop is right around the corner from Cafe Brown Sugar.