North Dallas Wedding at Gather McKinney : Ashley + Ross

Ashley is like the big sister I wish I had growing up. We first met at a paper store where she was my manager. She was hands down the best I could have asked for. This gal was so supportive of my career goals. She was the sole reason I was able to work full time and attend college full time and make it out alive. Her compassion allowed me time to study Andy earn the money I needed to graduate. But throughout my four years working with her, I learned how kind and sweet she is. She's always giving to others with a full heart and a big smile. She also has a sweet mother who always comes into the store who exude she the same disposition. These two women uplifted me through a few hurdles in my life by sending me cupcakes on a bad day or a giant bear hug. I even house sat for them at one point. All that to say, Ashley as well as her mother Stephanie are the best. We have been waiting for her special day to tie the knot because she truly deserves someone special. That someone is Ross. It was such an honor to have been their photographer and a witness to a union that was nothing less than perfect.

2016 was such a blast full of wonderful surprises and blessings but one of the biggest and most wonderful things that year was the Wedding of my good friend Ashley and Ross Pasekoff. A quiet and chilly Friday afternoon, the big day was held at Gather McKinney - a venue space in downtown McKinney. A long time fan of the venue and friends with the owners, Ashley had her sights on such a beautifully rustic chic place to tie the knot. Being in the paper/industry for so long, Ashley pulled out all the stops for her wedding. She's been helping brides for years so it was pretty clear that she had a vision for herself. Ashley worked with Paper Affair Dallas to create a custom designed motif that was scattered throughout all the paper goods from her wedding. 


Many thanks to Ashley and Ross for allowing me to be a part of their wedding day! These two are so much fun and so full of love! Throughout the night there was so much laughter and as the two are both goofy - it's a good characteristic of a healthy relationship. Laughter goes a long way I believe when it comes to love. Being able to recognize humor or even looking at the dark side of things in a positive way can make you and your partner grow. The Pasekoffs definitely know how to have a good laugh! I want to wish them many many years of wonderful marriage! I can see those two lasting forever!! Congratulations to these two!!