The Best Coffee Shops for Photos in Dallas, Texas

I've had a lot of clients reach out to me about good places to go for blogger shoots or engagement sessions. A lot of people tend to do really popular areas like gardens, parks, or even shopping areas. But the one locale that gets often overlooked is coffee shops. And no not the Starbucks coffee shop (unless you want that theme). I'm talking about those hipster, work/space vibes, with literate intelligent people sipping espressos from tiny cups. Coffee shops by far are one of the most trending and best free spaces to take photos. Here are my list of some of my favorite shops for photos in Dallas, Texas. Please keep in mind the list is based off of photography related reasons such as lighting, fees, accessibility and parking. None of this is based on the actual coffee. lol! 

1. Magnolias Sous Le Pont

Two reasons you'll love this spot: The color and the Magnolia trees. Located in a hidden area of the Harwood District, Magnolias Sous Le Pont usually is not well known to most people. The location is really well secluded in the uptown area and usually caters to the corporate clients that are in the buildings surrounding it. The inside isn't as great for lighting and is mostly dark. So focus on the outside interior of the coffee shop. That beautiful teal color is so striking and looks so gorgeous in the background. Not to mention the marble tables out front help set a more chic and trendy stage for photos. There's ample amount of room.

BEST TIME TO GO In the morning on a Sunday is the most ideal. But really anytime of the day is good. The way the building sits is that it faces the east side and is shaded by the exterior of the building its apart of. So the natural lighting here is really really good. After 3pm you'll be fine but remember the sun is coming over and you may have some strong bright light coming around. 

PARKING You can park along the side where the magnolia trees stand. This space is free and there's no limit to how long you park here. Turn the corner and you'll find more parking but it's a 2hour limit. 

FEE $0 to use the space

For your white minimalist lovers, this space is tiny but a generous of lighting is good both inside and out. This shop does both coffee and cold pressed juices. Not to mention that they have several delicious things to eat and sell local artisan goods. 

BEST TIME TO GO In my opinion, the early mornings on the weekdays are really great. Anytime before noon you'll find only customers who need to grab and go. Since the space doesn't house a lot of seating space, you won't find too much traffic. This is great because less people - less distraction. You never want a client to feel uncomfortable in these types of places. 

PARKING Super limited parking. Located right in front of the shop you'll find maybe about eight spaces for parking. Try to carpool if you can.

FEE $0 to use the space

This beautifully colored space harbored on Davis Street nearby the Bishop Arts District caters to the direct locals in the area. If you know about the Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, you'll know they run their business in this shop too. Davis Street Espresso also has great areas for seating. They have an airspace vehicle converted to seating outside and an aisle between their shop and another business with lots more seating. Be aware - there is no free WIFI available here. 

BEST TIME TO GO On a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday between noon and 2pm. The reason I say this is because this shop closes VERY early. They close up shop by 3pm everyday and are closed all day on Sundays. The light from the main windows face the south side and the light comes in the most around this time. You'll have to stay close to that side though to get photos for natural lighting. 

PARKING You can find good parking along the shop on Davis street and a few more spaces behind it. You'll know you've parked in the right spot when you start driving on a gravel/rock surface. 

FEE $0 to use the space but DO make sure to email the owners or manager to use this space. They do get very busy and popular so it's best to be courtesy and ask first. If you get lucky, you might be able to convince them to keep the shop open after hours.

4. Murray Street Coffee

Off towards the Deep Ellum side, Murray Street coffee is perfect for the student who wants some privacy and space. With two floors, the space is pretty small but the natural light in this space is phenomenal especially on a really sunny day. 

BEST TIME TO GO I've found the best time is mid-afternoon on a weekday during the summer - I know, super specific but the timing is awesome. The second floor area has such beautifully diffused light coming from their frosted windows. 

PARKING You can find some on the street where the shop is located and some located on a smaller street behind it but it's definitely first come first serve. 

FEE $0 but I would definitely ask to photograph in their space. The people who are studying or working wouldn't be too happy if you tried to use the space.

There's been a great amount of bloggers who use this space because you can't miss the bright white brick wall with it's name on it. Method coffee has very little space to shoot inside. But the high bar counter seating in the front is most ideal for Bloggers. 

BEST TIME TO GO Mid-afternoon on a weekend during a semi cloudy day is the best. 

PARKING The gravel lot is allocated for parking but its very rare to find a spot here. You can park along the street behind the shop next to the apartment complex adjacent to it. 

FEE $0

7. The Wild Detectives

A bookstore with the most attractive name, this little cafe workspace sits in the Bishop Arts District. A home turned into an intimate music venue for the Dallas hipster, The Wild Detectives offers a surplus of new books and music. The space is great for a backdrop for any client. 

8. Brewed (Fort Worth, Texas)

I wanted to focus on the Dallas area but one coffee shop came to mind while working on this blog post that was located in Fort Worth. If you're ever in that area, this place has PLENTY of cute spots to shoot in because the space is so unique and decorated. There are two spaces where many people just come for coffee and conversations or are actually hungry and come for brunch.

BEST TIME TO GO Come during a weekend after hours. My client reached out to the owners explaining that she wanted to use the space for engagement photos. The owners were kind enough to open their doors to us and just us only after they finished working for the day. We had the ENTIRE space to use for photographing. They allowed us to move furniture as long as we put it back and best part - NO CHARGE.

PARKING You'll find a nice decent sized lot right behind the coffee shop for parking. There are signs that lead you to the front door from the lot also. 

FEE $0


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