Palabra x Futuro Coffee : Phoenix, Arizona


Its only been several hours and I'm crushing on the culture here in Phoenix. Mainly because PALABRA brings all the hipster and minimal needs into one central location. In such a culturally rich area in downtown Phoenix, this space serves host to an art gallery, coffee shop (FUTURO), as well as a hair salon. Not only is this space ridiculously minimal in all the right reasons, it's not hard to find because it's the whitest colored building on Roosevelt Row. This place is has friendly staff and a few seats to study and work. It's also just fantastic for photo ops. 


The CAJETA (shown below) was my beverage of choice. Sweet and available hot or cold, the espresso drink is great to sip on while you observe the art in the left wing of the space. Admission is free and it's such an open and inviting come and go gallery. If I ever return, I'd definitely like to do a photoshoot here or just have a chance to check emails on a quiet Friday morning. I highly recommend coming here the next time you're in Phoenix - it's such an Instagram worthy place!