HOLGA WEEK // July 20-26, 2015

YAY! It's Holga Week! I'm glad there are days in the year that we can celebrate for film because even I dismiss it now that I'm fully digital in all my camera systems. I love the Holga for two reasons - the unpredictability and the lightweight plastic body. It leaves really cool light leaks sometimes or it just completely screws you over. I've cried over a few rolls of completely overexposed film. That's the reality of working with a Holga - its different everytime. I think the biggest reason is that it lends itself to the complete will of the light that you let in. There's not much manipulation you can do besides the small features that change the distance. It teaches me to really stop, think, and shoot. There's discipline in shooting film and using a Holga helps you exercise restraint, composition, and patience. In honor of the beloved camera, I've posted a few snaps from years ago from my trip to Vietnam. It's not much unfortunately because I lost a few undeveloped rolls somewhere. I apologize for all the dust and scratches. I forgot what a beast scanning film can be. >< I hope you enjoy them and happy Wanderlust Wednesday. =) 

Random Details: Shot with a Holga using ILFORD 400 B&W 120 FILM