Mini Monday Marriage : Downtown McKinney, Texas

She definitely said Monday. That's what I had double checked on my planner the day Kiersty asked to book me for her small private wedding. I've never shot a wedding on a Monday and let me just tell you its the best thing ever. It's less crowded and there's always parking available nearby. Driving into historic downtown McKinney, I realized instantly that it reminded so much like Denton Square. For any Texans who are familiar with the North DFW Metroplex, you'll agree with me right away. Kiersty and Matt tied the knot in Rick's Chophouse The Library which is located right next to the Grand Hotel where we took their portraits. I loved the portraits a lot so I wanted to showcase them and because the space was perfect. We had the ballroom area all to ourselves along with ample amount of sunlight - not much more a photographer could ask for. 

I took half of these early in the afternoon and when the ceremony ended, we took more. The sun was going down and you can tell the light was changing on me fast - hence the tones being a bit darker. It was really beautiful and one of the nicest ways to end my time photographing these two lovebirds. Congrats Kiersty & Matt - your wedding was intimate and so sacred - I'm so glad to have been a part of it!