A Dallas Paper Goods Store // RBTL SHOP

My more devoted readers and my fellow friends know about my obsession with paper so it's no surprise that you'll find me lurking around one especially when it's new. I had a ton of down time before my photoshoot for the day (a post on that will come soon) and so I decided to make my way towards The Read Between the Lines Shop in Dallas. And if you don't know about the RBTL brand then you're about to. Scattered around town in stores you'll recognize the staple quirky one liners in Gold or Black sans serif font prints. That's the work of Melinda Jones - the genius behind RBTL. But returning back to my story - I had wanted to see this space since I heard about its opening, not to mention I've loved this line of goods since I first set eyes on it at Bishop Art's {neighborhood}. I walked up to the store and noticed that it was closed. Checking the window, I saw that the times were only open through the weekdays. My heart sank and I murmured out loud, "Awww, I'm so sad." and I just gawked at all the goods in the window display. A woman in athletic wear, headphones in her ears, was standing by the door looking at her phone. I just assumed it was just another passerby interested in the shop but she looked at me and asked me if I wanted to see the shop. I told her my eagerness to visit and this sweet bright blue eyed woman smiled, told me her name, and said she owned this shop. She then proceeded to let me come in (mind you, on non business hours) and check out the store. A whole entire paper store to myself?! I just about died. 

Melinda was just about to go for a run and I got really lucky to catch her before she did.

"It was too hot anyways."

She had said after I kept spatting on and on how so incredibly nice that she would open up the shop. What I loved about Melinda was her open and sweet next door neighbor Betty Cooper personality. (Side note: I love Archie Comics) And what really impressed me about her was how passionate she was about paper. Even though she had her own line of paper goods, she specially selected several vendors to add to her store. She took the time to give me a mini tour and introduce me to several of the brands. I love being able to talk about paper to another paper lover. It's so much fun. I loved that when I told her paper was my guilty pleasure and she responded, "There's no shame when you love it."  I need more paper friends LOL! Feed the obsession! ><

 It was so hard to leave her store because even though its a cute and quaint space - there's so much to see. I highly recommend coming in and picking up yourself some goods for your wall or a nice card for a friend. Trust me, it's hard not to walk out the door without something in your hand. I even got her to sign my print and sneak in a photo of her. It was truly THE highlight of my weekend. I can't believe how lucky I was. THANK YOU MELINDA! Best wishes to your store. Check out her website > RBTL SHOP