PERSONAL // Snow Ad Nauseum

Last snow post I promise! You can understand my obsession with snow these last few days - its the first time in my 26 years living in Dallas where I've experienced a hearty amount of snow. This time, I exchanged photography with my boyfriend. I don't know if anyone read my "Into the Fog" post awhile back but I really enjoyed the writing and photography for that one. I wanted to return with a similar approach but failed because I think I just really wanted to enjoy the God given snow. I mentioned in said previous post how my boyfriend always captures images much better than ones I can think up of in my head especially when it comes to photographing myself. I think this time around he really captured my pure delight and happiness for the snow. You'll also notice I recreated a few images from the fog shots. I think they came out pretty well. 

E. Joy H.Comment