Dallas Couples Relaxed Portraits with Mollie & Damian

This is my first time to introduce Mollie and Damian on my blog. I've actually worked with Mollie before when we did a boudoir session before she got married. But for months post wedding, Mollie had been wanting to take more relaxed and casual photos with her husband, Damian. These newlyweds actually tied the knot earlier this year. I met Mollie while I was still working for a company called Woot. She's very straight forward and really adorable. Like her favorite holiday is Fourth of July - she's your perfect girl next door who loves America. Mollie also is very hip and trendy. She always comes to work wearing things that look so cool but if I wore it, I'd look like a poor bum. She makes the whole relaxed aloof style look like it came straight out of a Madewell catalog. When she approached me to take these portraits, she knew she wanted to have an urban feel. We were inspired by Calvin Klein ads, Kinfolk artsy vibes, and lazy Sundays. Because the truth is, that's Damian and Mollie. They are both so laid back and super friendly. They take trips to New York City all the time and go to Rangers baseball games. Knowing these few things, I suggested that Glasshouse Studio would have the perfect natural lighting and atmosphere for the photos she wanted.

I think Mollie and Damian are pretty comfortable in front of the camera and they knew all the things to do for couples photos. At the beginning, I asked Damian to say a prayer for the photo session and to whisper it into Mollie's ear. It's not something that I normally ask couples to do, so it was great to see how at ease it both made them feel.  

In the end, these photos were so so much fun to do. We took so many in that 2 hour session. (919 to be exact) These two allowed my creative vision to really unfold. It was unconventional for me in portrait taking and I couldn't have done this without the efforts of Mollie and Damian. They yielded to my every creative request. Whether it be sit here, stand there, or kissing time and time again, they never complained and just went with the flow. I couldn't have asked for a better couple to do this session with. Thank you Mollie & Damian! Congrats again on becoming newlyweds! Hoping you two are blessed with eternal wedded bliss!!