Dallas Family Portraits at Annette Strauss Square : Kimmy & Max


Oh - you know Kimmy and Max. And if you don't - you should know because you'll always see them in my photography somewhere or some day. Every year we come together and have a great photography portrait session. For all my friends and family, they know right off the bat that this mother and son team does things with style and class. The Dallas Arts District was the main choice for our photo locale but seeing as there were tons of options it was hard to choose. We had started off wanting to take some at the Meyerson Symphony Hall but they wouldn't let us. And we did a few nice ones at the DMA but the lighting there was terrible. Oh and it was raining. Not terribly but just enough to dampen your spirits a bit. My favorite spot was Annette Strauss Square. It's located right by the Winspear Opera House and it's just a nice lawn area for open outdoor concerts. This one wall made of concrete with beautiful green leaves growing over it fit SO well for Kimmy and Max. It's a little rugged, hard core, but organic and raw. Hear that, Kimmy? I called you raw lol!  And I totally mean all of that in the best and most generous way possible. 

Let me just take a moment to applaud Kimmy on one of my favorite dresses she's ever worn to a photo session. It's the type of dress that's not too fancy floral. The black gives it such a nice luxe feel. Even the fine polka dot black organza trimming at the bottom isn't too girly. And those pockets - all dresses should have pockets. Simple as that. I think the reason I like this dress is because it seems so flattering for any lady. It looks nice for a cocktail party and it meshed in so well with this background. The flowers pop against it too since there were no other flowers in sight. I even like that Kimmy chose purple as the accent color to match Max with. His socks and adorable bow tie round out the entire combination. She could have gone with red or even ivory but purple (Insert clap emoji) was spot on. 

I wanted to show y'all the two images above of how fast Max is growing up. Both Kimmy and Max's dad are very tall so I know he's going to shoot up and be super tall later on! At some point I know all the poses that we've done will be totally boring and Max will absolutely hate it - especially the cheesy ones. But I think I'm going to make it a point to take this pose every time we take pictures from here on out. It shows growth and it's not too embarrassing right? (I'm considering thirteen year old Max in the future rolling his eyes).  About that photo on the right? I can't help but giggle every time I see it. We were taking a couple shots where Kimmy was sitting down and Max was standing behind her. I don't remember what happened but they were definitely conversing about something when Max randomly plopped his hand on her head. I was adjusting some camera settings so I had placed my camera down but when I looked up I saw her face and had to snap it. I can't believe I completely missed it but I love how it was cropped anyway. It added to the whole story LOL!

I hope you're not tired of these two. I'm sure you've seen them in my feed every now and then but Kimmy and Max are my favorite. Every year, they always come prepared for Christmas cards. Each year, Kimmy always makes an effort to be different and unique. When we talk about locations for portraits she always considers what to wear and it gets better each time. I think I always say the same things about them. They're goofy, fun, loving, and so kind. And best of all they always trust me with their photos. This past year I met some new and wonderful people coming and going, but Kimmy and Max have stayed true and have been with me for so long that they are practically photo family. I adore them and am so grateful because basically these two are my brand ambassadors lol! Thank you both for rocking it every year! Y'all inspire me to continue working hard at what I do, to stay positive throughout, and to jump and celebrate the joy of life!