Saturday @ The Citizenry with Eclectic Press Event // Dallas, Texas

Saturday afternoon was spent in a quiet little space called The Citizenry which is a heavily online based business that sells some fantastic goods from artisans all around the world. I came across their instagram awhile back and fell in love with everything they were selling. And when I discovered that they were based in Dallas, I got so excited. They host events every so often and this time the wonderful Vivien Jordan of Eclectic Press came and demo'ed some hand lettering techniques and watercolor designs for gift tags. The atmosphere was super relaxed, open, and inviting. They had popcorn, coffee, and even some mulled wine to sip on.

I thought Vivien was so nice and she made me feel like we had known each other for years. I mean, she even asked ME to take a picture! She was so super friendly and taught some cool techniques. I especially loved the watercolor wash and lift tips she suggested. And bonus cool points go to her for being left handed like me =) A HUGE THANKS to the Citizenry staff who were so down to earth and really nice! Thank you to both for hosting and planning such a cute little mini workshop for the holidays!  I can't wait for another chance to come back! Check out both Vivien and The Citizenry on the links below!