A Bridal Shower to Remember


PT's Bridal Shower <---- Click Here

A childhood friend of mine from way back when gets married in less than a month. Her bridesmaids threw her a very cute bridal shower which was so much fun! I've only been to one bridal shower a long time ago and it wasn't as fun. The bridesmaids did a great job throwing this shower with food, games, and prizes! It was also great to learn more things about PT or Phuongtrang (the bride) that I didn't know like her favorite farm animal is a goat. =)

And because I had so much fun at the shower, I recorded several clips from the little shindig. I think I will try to do more videos once I learn to have steady hands and quicker focusing in camera =D

Engagement photos strung along christmas lights for added decor


The Bride to Be

KATHY NGUYEN - Baking Extraordinaire!

Loved the chalkboard disposal able plastic cups!

The latest fashion: Newspaper Wedding Dresses!

Kathy gave special attention to the cake making little doggies that resemble PT and her fiancé's dogs. So cute!

My sister the MOH and me the photographer - PT got so lucky - she got two of us for her wedding!

We're counting the days PT! I cannot wait!