Kari + Russ Engagements


In middle school there was a girl named Kari who joined Orchestra with me in the sixth grade. I remember her bright blue eyes, her love for horses, had several pets including her own horse, and could play violin really well - so well that I used to get jealous that I could never surpass her skill.  After high school we parted ways aspiring to finish college and become grown ups. And since then, we haven't spoken until Kari went on Facebook and told me that she was engaged. First off, it is so nice to see her after such a long time and it's even more awesome to see her happy and in love with a boy named Russ. We went to Possum Park in Flower Mound, Texas where Russ proposed. From there it was just a relaxing day in the park. These are just some of my favorites from that e-session.!

i love how Russ' tongue is sticking out lol

Initially, Russ wasn't too crazy about taking pictures but it looks like he is more of a natural than he thought! (He was in comfortable enough to kiss Kari in front of a camera!)

Kari is so pretty in this picture - love it!

this one came out blurry because like an idiot I focused on the wrong thing! But I think their posing was so cute! Russ insisted that they pose like Charlie Brown.

Congrats on your engagement Kari + Russ! I can't wait to see you get married in 2013!!!