Dallas Engagement Session at Bishop Arts District: Melanie + Chris

Melanie and I were sisters in another life. Want proof? See a striking similarity of us from a throwback photo circa 2010 below. I have more but I won't embaress her but truthfully I wasn't so photogenic prior to 2006 >< hah! Melanie joined my church when I was about twelve or thirteen. We hit it off right away. We both have sisters who got along really well so we often played together. We had sleepovers, adventures, traded stationery, and shared a love for Canadian Indie Music. If you know who Plumtree or B'ehl is, I will probably love you. But she supported my photography VERY early on whenever my only photography experience was Middle School Yearbook. That's how amazing Melanie is - at every turn she's always reached out to me to take her photos. Her high school graduation, her audition headshot for Degrassi (lol - please don't hate me Mel!), her UTD Pre-Dental Association Photos, her college graduation, and now her engagement photos. And of course I was happy to do so every time. 

Enter Chris. From our coffee chats and photos on Facebook, I could tell Chris was the one. And I had never met him until the day we took pictures! They both are really creative and even have done cute artsy projects like The Cozy Post. Melanie made polymer cacti mini sculptures and Chris provided photos and cute videos for them. (I ADORE THESE CACTI - They perfectly represent Melanie to the T!) I'm always envious of couples who are able to work together to produce artsy fartsy things together. What I've learned from our time together is that Chris is such a thoughtful and patient guy. Throughout the session, he was so caring for Mel. He would pick her up when she wasn't able to walk through certain streets and even would adjust her hair if the wind blew strands in her face. And he was so naturally in love with Melanie that he would do things that were perfect photo poses and he didn't even know it! 

These two lovebirds decided to have their photos taken in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas. This place is amazing and filled with unique spaces and food and it's so quirky and quaint just like Melanie and Chris. We HAD to stop and take photos inside We Are 1976 - a really cool paper goods and stationery gift shop because Melanie loves paper but all the neat items inside fit them both perfectly. I highly recommend anyone in the area to stop by and see all the amazing letterpress wall art and Asian imported knick-knacks they sell. 

I loved watching these two together! They are super giggly and as they both claim are "really awkward"  and if you know Melanie - she loves to cheese things up which made for the whole session so much fun.  Melanie and I are really comfortable around each other to the point that she lets me re-arrange her outfits and doesn't care if I have a million ideas - she'll go along willingly. (Notice Melanie's top has been done differently below)  To have Chris now in the picture, it was nice to have a new dynamic for my childhood friend. Now there was someone who could spaz out and be silly with her while in front of the camera. I have to give them credit for reaching out to me just FIVE days before they were tying the knot to take engagement photos. Originally, they opted not to have any because they didn't need it but I'm SO glad they changed their minds. 

After our session, we three were sweaty, tired, and hungry so we headed to Emporium Pies and ended up chatting for a long time about our families, funny moments, and of course their wedding. I am SO SO SO SO honored to be able to see these two exchange vows this coming Sunday. I cannot imagine a more in sync and well suited couple. Huge shout out to We Are 1976 for letting us use their space! Congrats Melanie and Chris!!!!