The Secret Charm of Xiang Se + Taipei, Taiwan

Not many people think that Taipei would be a hub of some refined and well curated restaurants and I was one of them. Until I stumbled upon Stephanie Hsu of The Thousandth Girl Blog. Xiang Se is one of the few restaurants she had mentioned in a post about different food spots in Taipei. Being the hipster I am, I was so eager to check the space out - purely for the sake of pretty pictures. My friends weren't so thrilled haha! All they wanted to do was eat authentic Taiwanese food but this is what happens when you control the travel itinerary lol! If you ever have a chance to come by Xiang Se (which means skin color), you'll find this restaurant off the beaten path. Nestled between apartments in the Zhongzheng district, Xiang Se has all the elegant charm of a food space in Austin, Texas. It's got a subtle quaintness, rustic decor, and seemingly endless amounts of vintage flair. Even their uniforms are carefully considered. (Just see their Instagram). The food is more Westernized with unique flavors and combinations and the price is similar to ordering a lunch at any Bishop Arts District joint. But it's beautiful and gorgeous and if I lived here, I'd use this space all the time for a backdrop. Come, swoon, and live like a youthful hipster local.