The Tulip Fields of Pilot Point, Texas

The Netherlands are by far my absolute favorite country that I've traveled to but I never got to see the luscious fields of Tulips that are there. Thank my lucky stars that the Texas Tulip Fields of Pilot Point, Texas are here! They are only about 35 minutes away from the Colony so about an hour away from Dallas. YOU MUST GO HERE! The season for them is perfect - they are blooming, colorful, and best of all you can pick your own tulips!



ADMISSION $2.50 per person // TO PICK YOUR OWN TULIPS : $2.50 per Tulip

After you've paid, look for one of these baskets or bring your own. These baskets are free to use but its a free for all so grab one before someone else does. When you pick your own tulip be careful to gently pull from the BOTTOM of the flower. It takes a bit of effort (as you can see on my face below) but once you pull and here a snap sound that means you did it correctly. If you pull really hard you may even get the bulb - if that happens that's ok. But don't try to dig the ground for the actual bulb - that's a big no-no. Pull too strong from the middle of the stem and you'll break the actual flower. It's actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. 

After you've grabbed all the flowers you want, look for a tent like the ones below and that's where you pay for the tulips you picked. They'll count up and wrap up all your tulips into a bundle. Pay in cash if you can. I think that helps! And that's it! You can sit and eat in a little picnic area or head home.

I absolutely recommend all my North Dallas family and friends to come here! It's cheaper than the Dallas Arboretum and much closer than driving there and paying a $15 admission fee. And such an easy location for PORTRAITS!!