Lawton Wedding at The Lodge at the Wichitas in Oklahoma: Jeanie + Chad

After a gorgeous three hour drive, I finally arrived a day before Jeanie & Chad's Wedding Day to shoot a second engagement session for the couple. Yup,  a second one. Totally unconventional and certainly my very first time that has happened, the idea was definitely worth it. Chad's family lives on a huge amount of gorgeous land out in Lawton, Oklahoma. He really wanted to get extra photos of the area where he grew up and loves. And I don't blame him. This session was Chad's idea to show all his favorite spots and to celebrate the opportunity to share it with his new wife. I didn't expect that I'd be gripping on for my dear life as he drove without fear through rocky mountain terrain in his giant Jeep. It was so much fun! It was like a mini roller coaster ride! There were so many great images but I wanted to only show a few just so you can see just how amazing the land that Chad's family lives on. 

The coolest part about the land is that it was literally right next to the actual wedding location: The Lodge at the Wichitas. So close that up on the mountain as we were descending down to attend the rehearsal practice, Jeanie and Chad pointed out exactly where the venue was located. It was a really nice point of view to see the space from so high up and yet so far away. This is one of the those things that you just can't get in the city. 

The next day, the wedding day was filled with family and friends working together to put together all the decorations. This beautiful floral archway with those mountains (the same ones we were on the day before) as a backdrop - what a gorgeous way to say your vows! 

I think everyone will admit that the day had some serious strong winds. SO strong, the girls hair and dresses were blowing around like crazy. They did such a great job just embracing it and most of all Jeanie was so positive about the whole thing. She took it like a champ and just was happy to have all her family and friends there.

After the ceremony, the wind and sun had slowly began to fade so we were able to squeeze in some more photos. Jeanie seriously has the most beautiful skin and was so great in letting me pose her. Not to mention Chad was amazing. He worked the camera looking suave and cool.

Watching the moon rise and it appear as if its rolling down the mountain was such a visual treat. I can't think of a better way for the day to end then that! Jeanie and Chad - congrats on such a crazy fun wedding! You two are such an amazing and kind couple - thank you for letting me be a part of such a great day!  (The bottom image is my favorite one.)

Photography - Esther Huynh & Hannah Breland

Wedding gown - The Blushing Bride Boutique

Bridesmaid dresses - Alfred Angelo Bridal

Men's suits - Edward Men's Wear

Hair/Makeup - Susan Vo

Flowers/Decorations - Kim Nolan

Wedding cakes - Masterpiece Cakes by Benny Daniel

Catering - Shalla Orndorff

Photography - Esther H. Photography

Table/chairs/tent - Journey Productions

Venue - Lodge of the Wichitas