Dallas At Home Portraits : The Percy Kids

As California transplants to Dallas, all Kristen Percy wanted was a decent Christmas card of her four children. She and I had talked about photos for weeks but because the kids were all different ages ranging from 12 to 18, we could never get a date scheduled. We finally squeezed in a late Sunday afternoon shooting photos in their backyard. Kristen's eldest daughter wanted natural laid back photos. Because their family was so used to photos in the sunny state, most of their Christmas card photos were always taken at the beach. This was a different element for them. Being at home and relaxed was so natural and it was so great to see siblings interacting with one another. I loved watching the eldest son really being able to hug all of his brother and sisters in one giant sweep. I loved how they picked on the youngest because they considered her the goofiest. These blue eyed teenagers were so warm and welcoming which is fairly shocking because most teenagers are so against taking photos. I loved how the images turned out and their mom was equally pleased. She sent me their greeting card and it looked amazing! It's now hanging on my fridge =)