Nancy + Ryan // Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Engagement Session

"I'm so sorrrrry, this downtown traffic is worse than we anticipated trying to get there asap!" 

That's the text I got from Nancy on Monday morning at 5:46 am. I'm sitting in my car starring at the stunning Dallas city skyline from The Continental Avenue Bridge. I feel so bad. I just asked Nancy and her fiancé Ryan to drive through morning traffic to get to Dallas. How did I convince one of the nicest couples to show up for their engagement session at sunrise on a WEEKDAY?! As it turns out, the two had just got done celebrating Nancy's sister's wedding so Monday was the next available day. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is such an iconic landmark for Dallas. I knew that we would get the most time working at sunrise when it wasn't so hot and there wouldn't be anyone out there. Even though, Ryan and Nancy had already taken engagement photos, they wanted the Dallas urban landscape as their backdrop. I was honored to be the one to capture them with it. 

I met Nancy in college when my close friends became part of an amazing traditional Indian dance group called Chiingaari (sorry Nancy! I hope I spelled it correctly!). My friend was auditioning and Nancy was the head and founder of the group. Nancy is amazing! She's so incredibly sweet and she has done really cool things for example she ran a 5k once a month for an entire year. All our friends know each other but we both haven't had a chance to hang out. I'm really glad she reached out to me for these photos! Meeting her with her love of her life was so much fun! We had really great conversations about education (Nancy's a 3rd grade teacher) and other work-related things. I guess if you aren't working on a weekday - you're probably talking about it! lol! 


I love how these two were always laughing and giggling. Can you believe they've been together for about 10 years?! To be honest, I can't remember how long (I made the number up - Nancy you will have to correct me on this!) But, regardless it's always awesome to meet people who have been together for so long! 

I had thrown out the idea of walking on MHHB but it incited some concern. And its understandable - We were going to walk along the edge of traffic basically. Ryan was gong-ho for the idea and actually took the lead to walk ahead. Nancy wasn't so thrilled but she braved it through and we even got a quick jumping shot too!

After the sun finally rose over the city, the heat came quickly. A sign we needed to wrap up. It was so worth waking up really early to get to be around these two. Ryan and Nancy, thank you so much for letting me get the chance to photograph you two! Thank you for your patience and willingness to venture through my photography requests. These two lovebirds tie the knot in November in Austin! Many blessings to y'all and Congrats to you both!!!