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I know I'm not a fashion blogger and I won't claim to be one but I wanted to post up 1 out of 3 posts dedicated to some clothing I had purchased months ago. I've been saving these outfits for awhile now just because I bought them specifically for my trip to Key West, Florida. I'm not a girly girl and I don't dress too fancy especially when I travel. I have been wanting to try out more shapes in my attire and felt that this black one piece romper/jumpsuit thing would be the first to introduce. I came across this on AMAZON for such a reasonable price and was surprised to find that it became my #1 piece to wear. 

Reason 1: It was a black flowy piece - It's a I can "wear to the beach and wear to dinner and stuff my face and not worry about my stomach" piece. I felt that it was the right type of shape that highlighted my arms and shoulders but hid my waistline and thighs.

Reason 2: The shape was unique - despite that it was a one piece, it had extra fabric on the side (Shown in photo above) which created a more angular form that helped to aid the illusion of a "dress" than an one piece. 

Reason 3: The straps were adjustable - I have a flat chest (you can tell obviously) but I think the deep cut in the neckline helped elongate my neck and sent more attention there than to my not so flattering chest. (See also my terrible tan.)

Reason 4: Look at that V-shape in the back - I think that same cut in the front is also flattering in the back. And with this more revealing backside, I chose to not wear a bra. It's so so so liberating. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. 

Reason 5: The harem like pant leg - Even though I call it a one piece and technically a dress is categorized as one piece - I think this also can go into the jumper category too. The harem pants have a very low hemline and there's just enough leg room to give a flattering view of the shins and ankles. It also was fun to wear because I could bike around with this piece and not have to hike up the hemline to pedal better.

Reason 6: The overall feel - I'm 5'3" and most dresses/onepieces are more suitable for the 5'7" and taller group but this particular piece I think ANYONE can pull off and still feel good about themselves wearing it. This hybrid piece by far gave me the best enjoyment of comfort, ease, and leisure which I believe is all the goals you try to incorporate when you're on vacation. Let's face it - the truth of how you feel starts with what you wear. 


May & Maya Women's V Neckline All In One Beach Jumpsuit $21.99 on Amazon

  • Made from a 100% Rayon fabric
  • Adjustable spaghetti straps
  • V neck and back
  • Hand wash cold only

Art Direction // ESTHER HUYNH Photography // LIONEL PARK