EVENTS // Moments from a Proposal

This past Monday I got a call from a stranger reaching out to me to photograph a proposal. Logan, a friend of a friend, was ready to propose to his girlfriend Bri...on Wednesday. I've photographed a lot of proposals and I was shocked by how soon he wanted to pop the question. Most guys have a long detailed plan with tons of specifics but Logan was so relaxed about it. After weeks of attending a pre-marital class with his girlfriend called Merge, the couple was reaching the last week of the program. So his goal was to propose right before their class was about to begin. After waiting for an hour, the whole thing went down in about 5 minutes. It was the fastest proposal I've ever witnessed - but I guess for the guy it must feel like a lifetime. It was such a beautiful (and quick) moment that I was honored to be a part of. Congrats to the two lovebirds! I pulled a few of my favorite images from the afternoon because I loved how the tones of the colors came out in post.