Seoul Sighted


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm so happy to finally have a moment to slowly present to you my snaps from my trip to Korea. It's been extremely hectic adjusting back to normal life after all the holiday festivities and family gatherings. Naturally, I had to put all my blogging on hold. But now I'm free to show you everything I've shot. Let's jump to Christmas Day, 18 hours later, and a very sleepless night. Eager to start exploring the city of Seoul, I made my boyfriend come downstairs with me to catch the sun rise. And from there, it was a busy day of walking, eating, and photography!


Can you spot the sun and moon in the photo below? I thought it was pretty cool. It was the view from my hotel room. (Hint: the moon is that white speck in the top right corner)750


Nothing beats a long day of exploring than a good ol' cup of Hello Kitty styled coffee.