Risk and Reward


I missed you blog. I really did.


It's not the norm for Texas to have fantastic cinematic snow weather. So when 25 degree weather showers Dallas, Tx with a thick layer of ice, you take advantage. I had been eager to take photos outside because my day job had me cooped up in the studio for days. I had to coerce my boyfriend to come and take pictures at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. However the risk of driving in icy weather proved to be a bit of a challenge. We spent a good deal of time just chipping off ice of my car - well my boyfriend did - and I had to drive 15 mph to get to our destination. Safely arriving, I got a lot of freedom to move about and take photos. It was completely worth it to stay out in the cold with fingers freezing taking photos. I probably will need to jump on this opportunity again soon before the sun melts it away.


ICE_HDR copy

IMG_6913 copy