Doug + Sarah, The Engagement Session


Doug and Sarah. Two very sweet adorable people who have fallen love after meeting through college. I actually have known Doug as a childhood neighbor and a fellow classmate since our days in our high school Latin Club. It was such a great surprise to see him and get to catch up and get to know his fiancee, Sarah. Our e-session started off at Old Red Museum in Dallas and as the day progressed we walked around the city grabbing photo opportunities from every location we could find.


Not even a few minutes of starting our session, we came across a segway tour group ready to photo bomb. We, however, welcomed them with open arms.


It took us a bit of time to get a photo alone in  the JFK Memorial Plaza. A lot of people (even on a Sunday) had come to see it which is a challenge when you're trying to take a picture without anyone else in the photo. Truth be told, I had to edit this one because there was one person who didn't leave. I think it came out really nice - not to mention look at just how awesome the space is! It's such a big monument when you stand back and see it with people in the center. A true sense of scale!

IMG_5363IMG_5373 IMG_4903 IMG_4915 IMG_4935

This space is a little past the JFK plaza in a parking lot. However, I really liked the trees and the colorful wall of the building that I thought it would be nice to take photos with it.


Before you go further - the photo below is supposed to represent that Doug and Sarah came from different cities. Doug is from Dallas and Sarah is from Houston. I thought it would be cool to have the city signs against the graffiti wall. But I think the signs are actually hand signs from universities...

IMG_4960 IMG_4963

We kept walking down Main Street and found ourselves at a park called Belo Garden. They have a great space for kids to run through water fountains, an area to read or study, and a good place to lie down on a giant hill in the middle of the city.

IMG_4997 IMG_5011

Absolutely enjoyed this photo of them framed by the water!

IMG_5025 IMG_5045 IMG_5060 IMG_5079 IMG_5111 IMG_5120IMG_5119 IMG_5127 IMG_5156 IMG_5175 IMG_5195 IMG_5214 IMG_5242 IMG_5258 IMG_5276 IMG_5277 IMG_5279 IMG_5292 IMG_5318 IMG_5333

Thank you so much to Doug and Sarah for putting up with my silly posing ideas and agreeing to do them without fail. Also, a personal thanks to them for giving me a reason to visit the little hot spots that make Dallas so great. I had a great time shooting these two lovebirds and I can't wait until March 2014 to photograph them when they tie the knot!