Cookies, Macarons, & Cupcakes oh my!


When you know someone who is a baker, the first thing you need to do is be friends because that's the only time you get to be spoiled by the wonderful delectables they have to offer. (Did i just write a run-on sentence?) I have a terrible habit of typing quickly without proofreading and often lack to exercise my grammar skills. I just spill what is on my mind. I use to write posts where it was so factual that it wasn't necessary to even put it on words. I would have a photo posted and I would add a caption below saying "I took a photo of the couple by the fountain." And of course the picture showed a couple by a fountain. I'm not much of a writer nor do I have any comedic timing when I write so I apologize again for making my readers cringe when they read the copy. Anyways, back to bakers. I was lucky to photograph the noms of Glenwood Bakehouse. A little baking company that has one baker and her name is Kathy. She quit her full time job in the corporate world to take on what she loves to do which is to bake. Her little business has become popular and her days are spent by the oven. Since she hasn't had time to promote her business, I collaborated with her to get some good shots of her popular products just in time for the fall season. I think it was important to create a clean line of images that showcased the type of goods she offers while creating a sort of romantic atmosphere for the food to be placed in. I hope you salivate and start to crave them because now you'll know who to order from!





You can see more at the Glenwood Bakehouse website! Please like, support, and get yourself some sweets! ©Esther Huynh 2013. All Rights Reserved.