Flower Fancies



A day at the Dallas Arboretum where I got to spend time with my boyfriend and friend walking around looking at a ton of amazing plants. I was really excited to take some pictures that Sunday.

I got aEstherHuynhFloral01 EstherHuynhFloral02

Doesn't this flower below remind you of the Pokemon Staryu?


EstherHuynhFloral04 EstherHuynhFloral05 EstherHuynhFloral06 EstherHuynhFloral07


EstherHuynhFloral08 EstherHuynhFloral09 EstherHuynhFloral10 EstherHuynhFloral11 EstherHuynhFloral12 EstherHuynhFloral13

It was such a last minute to go that morning. Sundays are lazy days for me so I wasn't really interested in looking nice. I regret not dressing up more fashionably though.

I could've gotten a lot of nice portraits of myself -___-

EstherHuynhFloral14 EstherHuynhFloral15 EstherHuynhFloral16 EstherHuynhFloral17

Please do not take these photos without permission and if you do, please credit it back to the photographer. Thank you!