Kari + Russ


My first Jewish wedding! I am so happy to finally post these pictures from Kari & Russ Schachere's wedding! The Texas weather proved to be as capricious as usual. We all had hopes that the weather would be rain free. And it was. But boy was it windy and cold. Although the day was bright and sunny, the cold chilly air was just too much to have a ceremony outside. But nevertheless, the wedding was still beautiful!!! K:RBlog01 K:RBlog02 K:RBlog04KRBlog03 K:RBlog05K:RBlog07 K:RBlog08 K:RBlog09 K:RBlog10 K:RBlog11 K:RBlog12 K:RBlog13 K:RBlog14 K:RBlog15 K:RBlog16 K:RBlog17 K:RBlog18K:RBlog20K:RBlog23 K:RBlog24 K:RBlog25 K:RBlog26 K:RBlog27 K:RBlog28

After the wedding ceremony was finished, Kari, Russ, and I braved the cold to take a few brief photos but the wind was just too much. Kari's veil was flying everywhere and while she was attempting to reign it in, Russ was just cheesin' it up. It was pretty cute!K:RBlog30 K:RBlog31 K:RBlog32KRBlog33K:RBlog35

I love how the whole wedding party was really chill and calm. They were just ready to celebrate the happiness of two people and get their goofy faces on.

K:RBlog36 K:RBlog37

In minutes, the wedding ceremony hall was transformed into a reception area where I saw the most beautiful floral arrangements not to mention a FANTASTIC color combination. I don't think I've seen Orange and Blue toned colors so well done! Two bold colors tamed to create a very unified and elegant color scheme. Loved it!

KRBlog38 K:RBlog43KRBlog40KRBlog41K:RBlog45 K:RBlog46 K:RBlog47 K:RBlog48 K:RBlog49K:RBlog51KRBlog50K:RBlog53 K:RBlog54 K:RBlog55

So the young woman with her hair? I was crazy about her hairdo! I took a photo for posterity sake so I can try this one day. Sarah, the bridesmaid in the photo, pulled this style off really well!

KRBlog84K:RBlog56 K:RBlog57 K:RBlog58 K:RBlog59

Kari's mother and step father stand beneath the beautiful chuppah (hup-PAH) which made a lovely frame around the couple.

K:RBlog60KRBlog83K:RBlog61 K:RBlog62 K:RBlog63 K:RBlog64 K:RBlog65 K:RBlog66 K:RBlog67 K:RBlog68 K:RBlog69 K:RBlog70 K:RBlog71 K:RBlog72 K:RBlog73 K:RBlog74 K:RBlog75 K:RBlog76 KRBlog80K:RBlog77 K:RBlog78K:RBlog86 K:RBlog87 K:RBlog88

Of course, I had to take a photo with the new bride! I scoured all over to find a photo of me and Kari way back from our Orchestra days but I think all of it is with my parents. =( All four of us went to the same high school where we either were in Orchestra, English, or Basketball together.

K:RBlog89 K:RBlog90 I am VERY honored to have witnessed and photographed a beautiful wedding of my friend and her new husband! It's amazing how fast the years go by! Kari, you're a beautiful person inside and out! I'm so thrilled that you have found someone to share the rest of your days with!! Again Congrats to you both!