Hong Kong, The Final Destination


The final place to hang out before we returned to the states. My family and I were able to put on light jackets after returning from Vietnam. The weather was perfect! It was just right - not to hot not to cold. I wish it was like that the entire trip. HK1

We didn't really plan our trip in Hong Kong since we only had a day to spend before I had to return to work. Dad had planned all these places where he wanted to eat but he unfortunately left his list back in the states. Yung Kee Restaurant was the only place he remembered.


We only ate the goose here because we wanted to save our appetite for dim sum.


We took the Peak Tram up to see the famous city skyline in Hong Kong. Needless to say, I didn't take many photos throughout the day. Yes, I was lazy.


Absolutely stunning view! The tram could only take us to a certain point before we had to walk up another 6 or 7 flights of stairs. But it was worth it!

HK10 HK11

And of course, all my brother wanted to do was eat.

HK12 HK13 HK14 HK15 HK16 HK17

The next morning we traveled back to Hong Kong International Airport where he had a good 4 hour layover. Throughout our trip, we counted that we stayed in about 8 different 5 star hotels, went through HKIA about 6 times to get to each place back and forth, and had about 5 different tour guides. Overall, the trip was amazing. It was fulfilling in everywhere - culturally, aesthetically, and physically. I met tons of new people, took millions of photos, and of course spent some time with the family.

HK18 HK19 HK20 HK21

Thank you readers for staying attentively to my blog and following my posts! Now that I have returned to my normal routine, I will be posting more photos of weddings, fashion, and all things that suggest the name of this blog: Esther Huynh