Hours later from China to Vietnam, we made it to Ho Chi Minh City where my grandfather used to live. Vietnam1 Vietnam2

There is barely any traffic laws in Vietnam - motorcycles literally can drive right next to a bus and babies ride without seatbeats or helmets.


The first day we spent some time to visit my grandparents' graves.

Vietnam4 Vietnam5

I took at lot more photos of my grandparent's gravesites but I found it really personal and something I wanted to remain very sacred to my family. Out of respect to my deceased family members, I didn't want their final resting place blasted over social media. R.I.P. Grandma & Grandpa

By the way, I think my mom has natural beauty. =)

Vietnam6 Vietnam7 Vietnam8 Vietnam10

This tomb is of my great grandmother's site - it was so buried beneath shrubs and tall grace that we had to pay someone to cut down enough so we could even see it.

And look! A nice smiling photo of my brother. It's obvious that he does better with warmer weather.

Vietnam11 Vietnam12 Vietnam13 Vietnam14 Vietnam15

I had told myself that I refused to look touristy while I was on vacation. I wanted to dress more fashionable and I think I did even though you couldn't really see it underneath all my warm clothing in China. Here, I wore my awesome MADEWELL skirt that if anyone recalls is the same one I wore in San Francisco. I also was the odd one walking around because EVERYWHERE people were in flip flops or sandals. lol

Vietnam16 Vietnam17

Love the lighting with the picture of my brother and my dad.


My cousins singing some karaoke below.

Vietnam19 Vietnam20

I didn't take much pictures but I really enjoyed my two days in Vietnam. It was really relaxing and nice to see family that I had never met. I think the warmer weather was just a nice change of pace for us also. After traveling so much, I actually longed to put down my camera but I couldn't because I had one more stop to go - HONG KONG!