KIMMY + MAX, A Winter Session


He's back!!!!! This cute little and his mom return for another great session! This time we travelled to the Frisco Square and had a great time where it seemed like everyone went to get portraits done. Every corner and cranny was filled with a family and a photographer. And who can blame them? The place has a country rustic look and has a lot of fun places to use. KM1 KM2 KM3 KM4 KM5 KM6 KM7 KM8 KM9 KM10 KM11 KM12

Remember the Cars from the last session?KM13 KM14

Any motor vehicle, Max is pretty excited about I guess =)KM15 KM16 KM17 KM18 KM19

I don't know why this photo is so funny  - he's so cute!KM20 KM21 KM22 KM23

One of my favorites - Kimmy and Max - you two are the best!! Can't wait for the next session!!!

At the end, I asked him to make 10 goofy faces. No problem I guess =)

MAX, the gif

My first GIF ever - couldn't ask for a better subject to make one