What's this? A new post?! It's about time!


I finallly had a chance to sit down (even while on vacation I am still on the move) to put together a blog post. Even though its a few months behind, I didn't want to rush anything including posts because I enjoy selecting my favorite ones and putting them in particular order. I can get very detailed with these matters even if it's not something you notice firsthand. But may I introduce to you the cute couple of Son and Van. Married after 25 years, they are still in love. They had asked me to photograph them maybe in the summer of 2012. But we didn't get to it until November which worked out perfectly because the weather was just right. They initially suggested a "country theme" putting on the boots and jeans but there was no location for us to shoot that had a barn of some sort. It is really difficult to find a location on Thanksgiving day. Yes, I did. Working on a holiday - that's how I roll. Our location - Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. A great go-to for the photographer in need of a free, beautiful nature space. Even though we lost the Indian Paintbrush flower that comes during the spring and summer, the great autumn colors were more than enough as a backdrop to our shoot.

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