Soaking up San Francisco


My last full day in San Francisco was really just about embracing the city life - no fancy outings, dinners, or entertainment. It was just me, Lan, Sam, & Byoung being San Franciscans.

We went to the first Dim Sum place in SF called Yank Sing where they had juicy dumplings and yummy dim sum!

Knowing we would still be hungry after dim sum, we decided to move our stomachs to Japantown for some noodles...

I love this photo I shot of Byoung! He looks so cool and the composition is pretty nice juxtaposed to that Japanese art drawing.

So this Japanese kid was selling candy bars that had coupons to McDonalds which we thought was a cool bonus to helping charity. But we when we looked at the coupon it was only valid for locations in California -______-

I'm crazy about my navy blazer and bright pink vneck sweater!

Do see you the massive amount of items all at $1.50?! It's insane because everything is so cute too! Japantown is so much more creative and exploding with their colors and making everything so aesthetically pleasing! Chinatown definitely seemed more in touch with roots and holding onto the past with traditional relics, foods, and customs. Japantown oozing with the prospects of the future in an optimistic way.

Near the end of the day we had to drop Sam back at SFO because she had a dentist appt that she couldn't reschedule! Silly Sam!!!

I wish I could claim that these last two night shots were mine but these were shot with Byoung's point & shoot camera. Aren't they beautiful! The detail on the last one is just amazing!