Like a Kid in a Candy Store


Last thing you do in San Francisco? The normal thing would be to jump into a cable car, eat some awesome food, or go see the GGB one last time. Me? I went to a paper store - not just any paper store, I went to THE BEST. Before the trip even began, Lan had asked me to research places I wanted to go to in SF. So I literally typed in "best paper store in San Francisco". Flax was mentioned first.

When I walked in, I might have had a heart attack. This place not only served my needs for paper but for everything and anything creative. I fell in love with this store. I was roaming through the entire place scoping every nook and cranny seeing what I could get my hands on. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I told Lan & Byoung, "Just kill me now and leave my body here. I would die happy."

The second paper store that came up was Union Street Papery. After Flax, no store can compare. But this little shop was super cute!

This is me not ready to handle the cuteness about to be seen.

Wall art on the right as I made my way to the shop which was on the bottom and the bridal bungalow heading upward.

After my paper craving was satisfied, we went to XOX Truffles where a French world renown truffle maker makes his confectionary delicacy.

Seriously tasty truffles! I wish I had more money to buy more! Expensive little things but worth every piece!

Yes monkey, mission accomplished.

Our final stop was a place called Pancho Villa where we grabbed a quick lunch before our flight back home. This place is WAY better than Chipotle!!

All I could think about was the good food so I didn't take any pictures until we finished =D

Best part about the flight home was being able to take some amazing images of the view below. And I even got to watch the change in light from beginning to end. Crazy cool transitions.

We saw another plane whiz by!!! It's weird because I felt like we were moving at a glacial pace but then as the other plane zoomed by, I realized we were moving much faster than I thought.

Sorry if these images are looking monotonous but I think they came out great. It was a very transcendent moment for me.

Overall, a wonderful wonderful experience visiting San Francisco. I came home more vigorated about traveling and photography not to mention my food palette has gotten better! I am so blessed to have an opportunity to check out a great great city!!