A Very Chinois et Francois Food Day


So our day 2 of San Francisco begins bright and early in the morning just working around the city where I caught the Lomography store that just opened in December.

So Lan's childhood friend, Sam, joined our little group!

The city in the morning looks amazing!

The entrance to Chinatown! This was our first major stop for the day.

Doing my good deed for the day: I offered to take the pictures for this family.

Sam trying out a scarf that she planned to give to her daughter.

How cute are these! Umbrellas!!!!

Byoung trying a head massager tool on Lan's head lol.

While waiting on Lan & Sam outside the shop, I decided to photograph Byoung because he was very fashionable! As you know San Francisco has some pretty eclectic fashion forward people - he blended right in.

And I wanted a picture of my awesome H&M pants and Agaci Combat boots. The man across the street kept looking at us while playing an old traditional Chinese instrument which is very much like a violin.

Seriously, the chinese stores here are endless and each one is filled with an insane amount of clothes, toys, souvenirs, etc at a really cheap price.

This is the place where we got the amazing eggtarts.

In some stores they sell fake money and papered objects like phones and watches which are used to burn. These items are bought for those who died and are burned so that in the afterlife they get these gifts. It's interesting because they have paper dollhouses that people burn to their loved ones as a means for them to have a house in the afterlife!

Yes, they sell this to eat.

So Sam saw our jumping pictures from yesterday and wanted to do it in the middle of the steep streets but she has yet to gain more vertical ups =) so cute though!

After Chinatown, we headed to a reservation lunch at a place called Chez Panisse. This place is run by Alice Waters and Lan wanted to try it.

See the ring that Byoung's wearing? It acts as a bottle opener too!

Being the big paper geek I am, I checked their paper menus to see if they had a watermark (they used Gilcrest)

Afterwards, Byoung found twig&fig which happens to be a letterpress paper store!!!!

One thing to note: I was very happy while being in this store because I LOVE LETTERPRESS!

I'm also a big Pantone person too =)

In the back of their store, they actually let you watch someone doing letterpress.

We watched the sea lions come and relax in the sun's rays. They were so cute just lounging around!


I asked Lan to take a picture of me "holding" up the Ghiradelli sign but what a fail! I look so silly!

Sam's jumping redemption picture! lol

They give you a free sample of Ghiradelli chocolate!

For Lan's birthday, we celebrated at one of her favorite French restaurants called Joanne d'Arc which is located underneath a hotel.

All those images of food - we ate that all!!

After all that, we went to a place called Bubbly Lounge which i didn't take a picture of =(

When we got home, we were very happy. Good way to end the day.