From the Redwood Forest...


GOOD MORNING SAN FRANCISCO! Lan totally will hate this image but I had to show you what I got to wake up and see at 7 am. Excuse the major tungsten coloring - I forgot to switch my settings around from last night.

I (lazily) stitched together a panoramic image of the view from my window. Our hotel is smack dab in the heart of San Francisco. The morning fog kind does wonders to images yes?

My morning face! Excuse my lack of cuteness in this picture! I went to bed around 5:30 am and woke up pretty early so I'm sorry that I look sleepy.

No day can begin without a bagel.

Afterwards, we went to pick up our car from the parking garage. It is madness trying to find a parking spot here in SF!

We stopped in Chinatown to grab some eggtarts from this one special Chinese bakery.

I got in trouble for taking pictures inside the bakery so I could only get the food instead =(

Freshly made Eggtarts!!!!!!

I'm not the only one who thinks these eggtarts are photo worthy.

Our day started off heading towards The Ferry Building where tons of fresh food is sold everyday.

Lots of homeless people are scattered all over the city. I always feel a little sad when I pass by one. God bless them!

After chilling around the Ferry building, our real agenda was to go see Muir Woods. But to pass it you have to take the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, the fog didn't want to show off its red beauty to me so all I got were these:

I plan to try again later.

So the funny thing about this image is that as we approached it, you'll notice how foggy and sort of dark the sky is.

Look at the difference of the sky as we pass through it.

Clear as day.

We drove along seeing miles and miles of luscious green hills following Google Maps to head to Muir Woods to hike.

Eventually, we decided to take a break and jog in this vast open space.

So far, I've done a jump photo in Toronto, Michigan, Venice, and now San Francisco.

Literally driving around and around, we knew google maps led us astray.

So we stopped for a few photo ops and turned around with new directions.

This is one of my favorite images. So as we were leaving I wanted to take this artsy fartsy image of the old man and his profile with the stained glass window. After I shot it, I realized that there was a trash can in the background -____- LOL

How is the scrolling? I've posted about 60+ images and we have barely made through the halfway mark of this post =)

So on the road we continued again towards our destination...

Passing by amazing scenery and winding roads and finally to Muir Woods National Forest!

The circular wood piece is of a tree showing its age as it grew until it died. It was born in 909 AD!

You know I did more jogging =)

So on the photo on the right was my attempt to take a picture of myself looking up at the trees - clearly I failed.

It was a very lucky day for us because salmon are very rare to see at Muir Woods. This mom and dad to be fish were swimming upstream trying to prepare a place for their eggs. It was amazing because the fish stayed in the same spot for at least an hour fighting the water as they worked together to make sure their little fish eggs could be safe.

Although we kept walking for 2 hours on the trails we found that the highlight of our day was to witness such a rare spectacle happen.

We love trees! I was going to do a little homage from Superstar the movie just for you Grace! (But i was too embarressed)

Banana Slugs!

Experimenting with some black and white

We returned but no luck with the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog was still there =(

Winding down the day with a good ol' book.

And ending the day with amazing Korean food.

Day One is DONE! Thanks for scrolling through all the images!!!!