The Power of Change


In lieu of the new year, I wanted to post up this image of a young woman who got baptized to renew her faith in Christ. In a small church in Plano, there was no special fancy baptism tub that she can be baptized in. Instead, they dragged a tub into the middle of their small sanctuary, filled it with warm water, and voila! To be baptized is the act of washing away sins - the removal of an old life and revealing a new life. She looked so nervous and almost sad. But the whole church congregation witnessed her joyous act and celebrated with her. I know that this photo isn't compositionally the best, but I wanted to show how people were there watching and supporting her. It's not easy to stand up in front of a whole crowd of people recognizing how you were once and now you want to change. And did you see her face? She looks so happy - really happy.