Unpredictably Endearing Portraits


Family portraits are crazy. Face it. No matter the number of family members, snapping the "perfect" photo isn't easy especially during the holiday season. Perhaps the best photos are the ones where you aren't trying to make everything perfect. I spent an early morning in Prosper, Texas meeting the Dobbs family. Their beautiful family had a great start but the more we spent photographing, the harder it was to keep each child still or happy. In the end, the images were more and more candid which were wonderful. Carol, the grandmother, said to me, "I guess this makes you want to rethink portrait photography." And I replied, "No way! Your family is endearing!" Truthfully, seeing how sweet their family was made me realize that this is just another reason why photography is important. It attempts to snap an ounce of happiness that you can't hold in your hand.

Hope you all are spending some time with your families and enjoying the holiday season!