The Ultimate Korean 1st Birthday : Claire's Dohl 돌 & Doljabi 돌잡이 - Inside Out the Movie Theme


To celebrate the birthday of their daughter, Claire, Naya & Chase Kim pulled out ALL the stops. Combining the best of best of both worlds, they mixed Korean and American traditions to give us the ULTIMATE 1ST BIRTHDAY celebration. Being part of the creative brains of their business, THE PN Event Company, they knew that the details really make the party pop. As you scroll down, you'll see so many eye-catching things that you'll wish you'd be there!


The party began with the cultural traditions of the Kims' Korean background. The DOHL & DOLJABI celebrate a child's first 100 days. In Korea, during old times where poverty and famine severely impacted the country's citizens, it was very rare for a baby to survive for more than 100 days. Once the child lived for more than that, the families celebrated with a feast and then performed a DOLJABI which is a fun activity where the child gets to choose up to 3 items that are placed in front of them. Each item usually represents something that either reflects their personality or hints the type of things the child might do when they grow up. 


In this case, Claire chose the Gavel and the Paintbrush. The gavel represented goodwill that maybe she will become president and do something great for her country. The paintbrush indicated that Claire would grow up to be wise and smart. It's fun and entertaining because most parents always hope the child will choose something different. The results are so fun to watch! Let's hope that Claire will have a great and promising future! 


Afterwards In the opposite side of the Le Meridien Dallas Stoneleigh Hotel, the Kims set up a beautiful dessert area with the theme of the movie Inside Out. The guests had a chance to snack on some delicious treats that hinted at the movie's fantasy and imaginative scenes including the beloved characters "Sadness" and Bing Bong. 


Can we just take a second to admire Claire's many outfit changes? For each little event, this little lady had beautiful color coordinating outfits - be sure to check out the others as you continue through the post! =)


As the party was winding down, the last thing for Claire was the American Custom of Smashing her first birthday cake. She seemed to really enjoy it and it turns out she didn't want to leave it. lol And who could blame her? Birthday cake is the best! 


I'm pretty sure Claire walked away with everything she wanted and more (even if she shed a tear or two!) Her family and friends really did an amazing job putting together such a wonderful party! And if you're looking to do something similar - be sure to check out the team of people who made this happen! 

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