Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Destination Wedding at Kona Beach Bungalows : Michelle & Greg

Come rain or shine, the wedding must go on. And it did for Michelle and Greg. Their May Wedding in Kailua-Kona, HI was a beautiful day where the weather teased us the entire day. NO JOKE. It would be nice clear skies and then it would have a heavy shower of rain and then it would clear up in a heart beat only to start up again minutes later. Getting the chance to be flown out there, I had no objections because the scenery was so pretty regardless. The ACOSTA/SHU wedding was held at a Beach Bungalow quietly tucked away alongside the edge of the ocean. Private and secluded, the couple brought out their closest knit of friends and family to celebrate. 


You know most weddings always seem to have a current trending thing that people like to do. The most recent thing I saw was Snapchat filters. Michelle's older sister, Connie - an amazing graphic designer, not only created the couple's invitation but also created several custom snapchat filters for the special day. Known as GEOFILTERS, for a flat fee, you can design your own to be used in that area. Such a fun and cool thing to add for all your guests to send you photos and greetings!


One of the many requests that the couple asked for was a wide shot of their wedding ceremony. I can see why. What an amazing backdrop to have when you're exchanging vows! The entire ceremony and reception was held in this space. And the pool was a perfect add in for their mini after wedding party too! 

In Hawaii, the locals told me that there's no "twilight" because the sun sets quickly. And they weren't lying. I convinced Greg and Michelle to climb over to the rocks to get some portraits and they willingly wanted to especially with the sun setting behind the water. We truly raced against the sun for images. It was the first time in my life where I was so worried we wouldn't get enough time. Luckily, these two lovebirds rocked it and patiently listened to me for every direction and pose. I feel so so honored they brought me along to photograph such a momentous occasion. They were super sweet and their families all welcomed me warmly like I was part of their clan. It was a such a fun wedding to witness! Congratulations to Michelle and Greg!!!!