TRAVEL // Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan

It's 2 AM here. Everyone is sleeping except me because I have an outrageous amount of photos in the queue sitting on my computer waiting to be edited and posted. I love getting to post images from my first day of a new travel journey, but it was so hard to begin with Japan. It could be that I had some pretty bad jet lag upon arrival. After getting our accommodations, my friends and I ended up crashing from exhaustion and sleeping around 7pm. We woke up at 2am to complete stillness. Or so we thought. If you ever are into getting some great shots of any city, the late night graveyard hours are the perfect time to go. Seeing as we had nothing to do at this time of the day, my gang and I ventured on to the Shinbashi streets hoping to get great night shots. Funny though that everything was closed and the lights were all turned off except for a few shops. Our stomachs pretty much led the way and we ended up at a Chinese restaurant. lol not exactly the cuisine we were intending but it was pretty good. *Side note: ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is good at two in the morning. I took several shots from that night but I liked these the best. We were relaxing, just taking our time eating and conversing. No one was in this tiny little restaurant and the quaintness of it all felt really intimate. Then we went back and slept for a little while before the sun rose and we began a full day of exploring. More to come on that though once I sift through it all.