FASHION // Fierce at 50

There are two things that I love about this photo. ONE : Dora looks amazing. At 50 something (she didn't tell me her exact age) she's as vivacious if not more than a 20 year old. Her skin has aged beautifully. Her full Chinese lips are beautiful and her hair cut is so Parisian. She's so eclectic and cool. TWO : Dora is more than just poised and graceful - she's peppy. And she loves to take jumping pictures. Although the day she asked me to come out and shoot, she had hurt her toe. 

Dora is just one of a few older woman that I have had the chance to photograph. She embodies a spirit of life and boldness. She definitely is her own person and follows the beat of her own drum. We only spent two hours together but I learned a great deal about her. Some people allow me to take full creative responsibility on shoots but Dora she was not afraid to speak her mind. And I loved it. It helped me so much to get a better understand of what she wanted, what she liked, and find my way to meet her in the middle with what I wanted and what I liked. 

And don't even get me started about her fake laughs. They are hilariously on point. 

Cathy Williamson is basically my mother with red hair. She walks with grace, speaks softly, and has the warmest personality. She has three grown children, a few grandchildren, and a hugely successful fashion blog called The Middle Page Blog. Oh and she's a breast cancer survivor. You would hardly believe she is 50 something. She's so cute. I mean seriously I felt like she was like my mother in so many ways. This is one of a few more action related shots I have of her. When I was going through the images, I was staring at her face so intently. She looked so youthful in every frame! For real, look at that picture above and tell me she's fifty. 

Both of these women made me think about shooting my mom though. It's been years since I've taken some portraits of her. And she's such a little doll too. (She dresses better than me.) Keep checking back here at the blog - I may just end up doing it!