The Photo Manual : Cropping a Photo for an 8x10 Print

I found this fantastic deal to get an 8x10 photo for such a great deal on Photobucket! But beware this deal is only available TODAY, WEDNESDAY 10/21/15!!  Most photo prints in an 8x10 inch size costs around $5.99-$6.99 depending on the type of paper and printer. This deal on Photobucket is great and it includes free shipping! Click on the link above, to get the deal and check out my quick tips below to help guide you with getting your photo print - ready. 

To make things a little clearer, I'm using a photo of a wedding a shot a few years ago so that you can see the difference when you crop photos and also to address any scenarios that may come with ordering a print. Most photos are shot in a full-frame view which means that images are normally set to a 2:3 ratio crop style...that is more like 4x6" prints. Below you'll see the same image ready to be cropped to an 8x10 which is a 4:5 ratio making the image loose picture space. 




  1. When you select images, consider the frame, the decor, and other things that will be displayed around the photo. 
  2. Make sure your image is in high resolution of about 300 dpi (ask a photographer how to find out)
  3. When cropping your image, ALWAYS PREVIEW & CROP your images!!! Otherwise, the photo will be automatically cropped and you'll end up with an off center picture or someone's face cut off.
  4. It's often better to keep Vertical images cropped vertically and Horizontal images cropped horizontally so that you're not losing too much detail. It's highly preferred but optional. 
  5. Consider print finishes like Matte, Glossy, or Lustre when choosing photos. I like the look of Lustre finishes personally because I think it gives a nice soft view. 
  6. Some photos are more fit for different cropped images, see sample image below. In order to keep the details of the wooden boards that say "Thank You" and "We love you.", the crop is suitable because it covers the entire image. The 8x10 crop will cut off both of the couple's hands and make it look really awkward. See "8x10 Horizontal" Image above.
An Image Cropped for a 4x6 Print  

An Image Cropped for a 4x6 Print  

I hope these tips help you and good luck!! Happy printing!! If you have more questions about printing images, feel free to leave a comment below!