Absence of Color


Sometimes I forget that shooting in Black and White can be a good thing. I always associate B&W with more deep, tragic, or historic photos so I usually stray from that. But the other day, I realize I vomit vibrant. I love pushing that dial in Camera RAW settings in photoshop to near the max because I love to see color doing what is does best. And that's to be colorful. But for some reason the day I shot some photos of a few flowers and bumble bees doing their thing, I was thinking how boring these shots looked. Technically, sure they were good. But I was so bored of them even though the color was so great. Just for sheer boredom I desaturated images and forgot how wonderful texture looks in Black and White. And the shapes - How could I forget about the power of shapes! Square, how your corners touch at just the right place. Oh circle, you're just so perfect in every way. Ok, a little over done but the elements that don't need color just sing. Yeah, it's still corny. I'll stop now. IMG_6604 IMG_6609