Washington Wonders


I was going to be awesome and put together a series of posts about my weekend in Washington, D.C. Let me just say that it was an incredible experience with perfect weather and lots of walking. I've dwindled lots of photos into a few handfuls that I shot and edited with HDR. I've never realized how amazing the legacy of all the fighters, leaders, and politicians have left for our country. It was my first time to really have a sense of pride of America. Call it cheesy, but it was a very real moment for me. Born and raised in the states, you don't really fully grasp the freedom and opportunity you already possess. It was very humbling. I encourage every singe citizen to take time to look at as much as you can. Plus, the Smithsonian museums are free! IMG_2683FB IMG_2884  Postal WHITEHOUSEFBIMG_2895FB