Cristine + Matt // Engagement Session

Henexson, Cristine_0714


This lucky gal (me, of course) got a chance to photograph a great friend named Cristine who she met years ago while they both started working for a paper store. They instantly got along, goofing off with cardboard boxes, and sharing a love for paper, print, design, photography and Moleskine planners. Over the last few months we've been just keeping up, meeting up for coffee, and exchanging words. It was such an honor that she came to me to shoot her photos. She and I had been discussing the whole thing for a little over a year and now I'm thrilled to finally post the photos up. We began our lovely Sunday afternoon in Fort Worth with a cup of coffee at Brewed. If you ever are over there - it's a bright colored, vintage accessorized, coffee brewing place. I knew instantly that I would really enjoy hanging out here. Cristine worked out a way for Matt and her to take engagements there and utilize the entire place once they closed for the day. It was so nice to have such creative freedom and several places as a backdrop. We took so many photos that day that it took me forever to select a handful of favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Stine01 Stine02 Stine04 Stine06 Stine08 Stine09 Stine10 Stine11 Stine12 Stine13 Stine14 Stine15 Stine17 Stine18 Stine19 Stine20 Stine21 Stine22 Stine23 Stine24 Stine25 Stine26 Stine28Stine27 Stine29 Stine30//Special Engagement Bonus// We did a paint powder photo session! I've always seen these ideas with other photographers so I was extremely lucky when Cristine came to me with the idea. It's definitely not something you can do without a little bit of preparation. For first timers doing this, I recommend the following suggestions before you start.

For the couple:

- Bring clothes that you know you won't mind getting powder all over

- Purchase lots of bright colors for variety

- Bring water to drink or for rinsing your mouth ( you will without fail get powder in your mouth)

- Cover your car seats with plastic or bring towels so extra dust doesn't end up all over your car

- Hand wipes to clean your face and hands

- Choose a space that you can freely get powder all over

For the photographer:

- Bring a tripod and cover it with saran wrap. It is extremely tedious to cover the legs and your camera but its worth it when you're finished

- Also wear clothes you can get dirty

- Bring several memory cards because trust me you will be shooting a ton of images

- As far as camera settings, I highly recommend shooting with a fixed focus and a very fast shutter speed. From my experience, you can get really great results shooting with a shutter speed that is about 1/100th of a second or faster. Also, set your camera on continuous shooting mode.

- When editing your images you can push the Vibrance setting up more to bring out the color of the dust

Stine31 Henexson, Cristine_1115Henexson, Cristine_0714Stine32 Stine33 Stine34 Stine35 Stine36 Stine37 Stine38 Stine39Henexson, Cristine_0703 Henexson, Cristine_0977 Stine41 Stine42 Stine43

Pretty awesome day as obviously shown. Huge thanks to my boyfriend for being my assistant - I wouldn't have been able to do as much without him. To Matt and Cristine - I am so excited for your wedding! I know your wedding will be just as vibrant as your engagements!