ShopMieux's Birthday Bash


I had the great pleasure of attending a birthday celebration for a thrift store boutique called #ShopMieux where they buy and sell gently used clothes. Now, we all know that thrifting isn't anything new. In fact, Goodwill is probably your first thought when you think of the term. Yet, ShopMieux's founder and CEO, Kelsey, has turned it on its head using social media to make it thrive. Photographing used clothes and selling it online in an easy user friendly way (not to mention using cute graphics and lifestyle imaging) has given this site a fresh new perspective on what it means to thrift. The success of Shop Mieux, previously known as Mieux & Mieux, started off through Ebay where Kelsey sold items from home. Her business is now seated in the heart of Dallas by Fair Park where you can shop both online and at their store. Their one year bash was lots of fun - great music, Yelp photos, drinks, cupcakes, and of course shopping (with a 20% discount of clothes already marked down!). So naturally, I, along with many other guests walked away with something.


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