A Day in Dongdaemun


Hellooo Dongdaemun! Busy area teeming with shopping galore! They have several malls and department stores not to mention an amazing amount of street side vendors. Most of the day was spent walking around looking at everything and then waiting for the night side attractions. I think it's a great place to get stuff for yourself and your wardrobe. But there isn't really anything exciting and fascinating in this area except the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park which sits in the middle of everything. It is unique because of the smooth and silver landscapes and it will have more shopping underneath. 1234567891011121314151617181920To pass the time, we went toward another area where you can get great souvenirs for cheap. And it has the famous thousand string honey treats where I am happy to say I recorded for your viewing pleasure. But you have to scroll to the end of this post.12356789 So a definite go - to while in Korea is Ssamzigil which a giant outside mall that has tiny shops full of neat knick knacks, coffee (of course), and great views. It is extremely crowded full of tourists and locals alike.1011

They even have a Photo Booth where you can wear traditional Korean outfits!1213

For some reason, these rose sculptures reminded me of the plants in Mario games. But the neat thing is that these sculptures go from bottom to top in between the stairs. 14

You can buy love tokens and write messages here and leave them around for your lover. Of course you gotta dish out the Won for this. This area is near the top and is completely covered in space. 15

The view from the top level - you can really see how many stores there are.16

The snow came down really fast. As a Texan, I was overly excited. I mean, really really happy.171819

We went to the inner city area of Seoul so we could see Cheonggyecheon.  It's a very long stream in downtown Seoul. If you scroll up you can see how boring the stream looks during the day in Dongdaemun. It was absolutely stunning and beautiful to view it at night because the snow really gave it a more romantic effect. 2021

The photo above shows where the beginning of the stream is.heIf you walk along it, they have an art gallery below the streets. A lot of beautiful photographs are displayed here. 2223I want to say that I took more but I was just really happy to be here. It was the perfect mix of cold and snow. Nothing like Texas. And it was fun to take a trip without a huge tour group like I did in China. Having just you and a significant other really makes the vacation a lot more intimate and exciting. I only have one more full day of photos before the trip ends!