BOM DIA Brazil!


I've returned to Dallas sunburnt but happy. My week in Brazil was fabulous and I'm really looking forward to posting images from my trip. These are just some snaps from my first day.


Dos Equis commercial guy doppelganger below?


I stayed in a really cute and humble apartment just a block away from Copacabana Beach. AirBNB is a great way to go when you're traveling to a foreign country but you don't want to pay steep prices for hotel rooms (I recommend this if you're staying for more than a week). My apartment housed 7 people comfortably. We lived right above that Pacheco store. IMG_3749IMG_3772IMG_3771IMG_3725

I was pretty obsessed with how old school the closets and windows were especially since it gave a more home like feeling to the space. The keys actually locked the doors!


Pretty tired even though I arrived early morning on Saturday. But that's what 10 hours on a plane seated in an uncomfortable position in an upright chair will do to you!


After walking around, my friends and I got to try a classic Brazilian dish called Feijoada which was served in these really great stone/ceramic bowls. It was a combination of several small side dishes served with a piping hot bowl of various meats. I discovered really quickly that Brazilian dishes tend to be more salty than I prefer. The restaurant we went to didn't seem to care too much about the aesthetic of food plating because when we got our dessert we werent exactly sure it was our dessert. It looked more like 3 dipping sauces which turned out to be different jams of some sort. They were really sweet and tasted fruity. My friend Laura and I discovered that Brazilians also seem to really like their jam but they don't have peanut butter!!! (Nutella seems to be the option of choice). But, nevertheless, the overall dinner was delicious and it was a pleasant close to my first day there.